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June has come and gone, and life can feel overwhelming at times – but we also want you to be excited about what’s still to come. Yes, there are exams that need to be written, university applications to complete, festivities to enjoy but that’s not all!

It might feel like the end-of-year scramble has already begun and before you get swallowed by stress, let's talk about taking control and navigating the way forward.

Make the most of what’s to come:

  • Chart Your Course: Grab a notebook or use a fancy app (whichever works for you). List your academic goals and extracurricular aspirations, including personal targets you want to achieve.
  • Break it Down: Big goals can feel overwhelming. Chop them into bite-sized, achievable chunks. Daily study sessions, weekly practice schedules – the smaller the steps, the easier they are to conquer.
  • Deadline Duo: Set realistic deadlines for each mini goal. Work back from test/exam dates, including any application deadlines to create a manageable schedule. Make it fun by using a colourful planner, random stickers, motivational/inspirational quotes or even bright colour markers and pens to keep yourself visually motivated!

Prioritize Self-Care:

  • Fuel Your Body, Fuel Your Mind: Believe it or not ... you’re human, not a superhero (although at times your workload might make you feel like one!). Remember to take care of yourself by trying to maintain a balance. Eat balanced meals, drink plenty of water and try to get enough sleep. A well-rested, well-fed brain is a champion learner.
  • Move It or Lose It: Exercise is a stress-buster extraordinaire! Take a brisk walk, join a school sport, or blast some music and dance around your room. You don’t need to be an expert; you only need to get those feel-good endorphins pumping!
  • Friend Time is Essential: Don't let studying become solitary confinement. Schedule time to hang out with friends, laugh, and recharge. Supportive friends are the best stress relief there is.

Savour the Moment:

  • Celebrate the Wins: Big accomplishment or tiny victory? Give yourself a pat on the back! Acknowledge your progress and reward yourself for hitting those goals.
  • Mindfulness Matters: Feeling overwhelmed? Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and focus on the present moment. Mindfulness techniques can help you stay calm and collected.
  • Find the Joy: Is school getting you down? Make time for activities you genuinely enjoy – reading a good book, watching a funny movie, spending time outdoors. A little joy goes a long way in boosting your mood.

You've got this! By setting clear goals, taking care of yourself, and cherishing the journey, you can conquer the rest of the year with confidence and a smile. You'll ace your exams, grow as a person, and create amazing memories along the way. Now go forth and be the superstar you are!

Posted on 26 June 2024 09:57:08

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