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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re feeling particularly concerned about your matric final exam results. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. 

It’s an anxious time for learners and their families as they wait for matric marks to be released. If your results don’t go quite as planned, please don’t panic - there are many options available to you. Your future is still bright, you just need to take a different path to get there.

The 2021 school year was another challenging one, with Covid-19 disrupting learning and home life. The disadvantages and difficulties of living in a pandemic have affected most learners, with education experts warning that matric results are likely to drop compared to previous years.

Take control

The wait for results is hard, with anxiety, fear and nerves all causing sleepless nights. Matric results for 2021 are due to be released on 21 January. Once you’ve confirmed your official results, take a deep breath. If you did better than expected, well done, if your results aren’t what you wanted, now isn’t the time to feel hopeless. All is not lost and disruptions aren’t always negative! Remember that some of the world’s most successful people have had to work through countless setbacks on their way to the top.

Accept that your goal wasn’t reached and with a clear head, take your time to consider your options and then work through these with a parent, guardian or mentor. These results might just be the catalyst you need to go in a new direction. So, what are your choices?

  • Rechecking or remarking. This can be done for a fee per paper.
  • Supplementary exams. Apply for these if you meet the criteria.
  • Redo subjects or matric. This can be done via institutions like a college.
  • Bridging courses. These short courses can improve marks to potentially get you into a higher education institute.
  • Extended degree programmes. Study your chosen degree over an extended period of time.
  • Second Chance Programmes. This Department of Basic Education programme is free to learners.
  • Reapply for university. Apply to another institution that may be a better fit for you.
  • Gap year. Gain work experience while deciding on your next step.

This is the end of a long school journey and you should be proud of all you’ve achieved. Learn from this experience and resolve to be more determined to pursue your dreams. There’s also no time limit on achieving your goals, so tap into your resilience and take action to get back on track. This is a temporary disappointment that you will soon forget, so don’t let these results hold you back from the future you want – and deserve.

Posted on 20 January 2022 15:58:11

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