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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) may have a tremendous impact on the wellness of many, as its ripple effects continue being felt across the world.

During this period, learners are encouraged to access a number of coping mechanisms that will assist in maintaining their mental health and wellbeing.

As South Africa remains in a lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus, many fears and anxieties may arise. The University’s counselling unit, Emthonjeni, recommends the following:

Tips to manage your fear and anxiety

  • Knowing the facts and protecting oneself and others, through information from reputable and trusted sources such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), South African Department of Health (DoH), Nelson Mandela University Memo and the dedicated website. Be wary of fake news reports circulating on social media.
  • Put the pandemic into perspective, as the worldwide crisis that it is that requires everyone to play their part in monitoring, preventing and managing the virus.
  • Do not overthink the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Anxiety is a perfectly normal human response to a situation that is threatening our daily routine.  So, learners are encouraged to acknowledge any anxiousness and work with counsellors on ways to reduce the anxiety.
  • Follow your daily routine as much as is possible – wake up at a reasonable time, bathe, eat, do some form of basic exercise, revise studies, read and connect with friends and family through social media.


  • The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) 24-hour line:
    • Tell: 011 234 4837 (call a counsellor: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm)
    • Tell: 0800 567 567 (Suicide Emergency Contact)
    • Tell: 0800 12 13 14 (24hr Helpline)
  • Revive Port Elizabeth: free trauma counselling: Tell:041 373 8882
  • Adcock Ingram Depression and Anxiety Helpline: Tell:0800 70 80 90
  • Suicide Crisis:0800 45 67 89
  • Gender-based Violence Support: 0800 428 428

Physical health videos

The Human Movement Science Department forms part of the High Performance Centre which makes use of the professional services of Biokinetics and Sport Science. We provide professional and scientific physical and health assessments, reporting of results and prescribing exercise programs for a variety of populations whether it be for general health, athletes or individuals with medical conditions or injuries.

As the COVID era has limited your access to conventional spaces for physical activity we have provided some basic resources to bring us into your homes in order for you to continue to maintain your health and physical conditioning during this time. We hope you find them useful. Please feel free to contact us when we resume normal operations at 041 5042603 or email:

Keep healthy, keep active.

Cardio exercises


Core exercises


Lower body exercises

Upper body exercises