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A new admission process for prospective students to Nelson Mandela University was introduced in 2019. Our University no longer works with the Admission Point Score (APS) method.

The new method, includes a number of changes. It is called the Applicant Score (AS) and it is important that you take note of the information below when you apply to study at Mandela University.

How to apply?

  • Complete an application form online – applications open in April;
  • Ensure that you meet the minimum Applicant Score (AS) and subject requirements before submitting your completed application form;
  • Ensure ALL your supporting documentation has been submitted;

How to calculate your Applicant Score (AS)

  • Your Applicant Score (AS) is calculated using six NSC 20-credit subjects. Please note that Life Orientation (LO) is excluded as it is only a 10-credit NSC subject.
  • Write down your Grade 12 subjects and your most recent exam results obtained in each subject (NO Gr 12 March results). 
  • You MUST include the results for the following three subjects: 1) Home language; 2) 1st Add. Language; and 3) Maths; or Maths Lit; or Technical Maths. Your Applicant Score must also include any subjects required by the qualification for admission.
  • For applicants with seven Grade 12 NSC subjects, their AS is calculated by adding the percentages for six 20-credit subjects. This gives a score out of 600.
  • For those applicants taking eight or more subjects their AS is calculated as follows: add the percentages obtained for your three main subjects (two languages and Maths, or Maths Literacy, or Technical Maths), plus the percentage(s) for any subject(s) required by the programme, together with the percentage(s) for the next best / highest subject(s), to a maximum of six subjects.
  • In addition, for those applicants from quintile 1, 2 or 3 school* who attain 50% or higher for Life Orientation, 7 points may be added to their score out of 600 to arrive at their final AS.

All South African public ordinary schools are categorised into five groups, called  quintiles. Quintile 1 to 3 are non-fee paying schools, while Quintile 4 & 5 are fee paying schools.

Calculate your Applicant Score (AS)

Use the table below to help you calculate your Applicant Score (AS). 

  School subjects

Your exam results in %















NB! For applicants from a quintile 1, 2 or 3 school who attain 50% or higher for Life Orientation (LO), 7 points are added to their overall AS out of 600 to arrive at their final score. You can use your Gr 11 final, Gr 12 June, Gr 12 September or your Gr 12 final results to calculate your applicant score (AS).

Requirements for our courses using the Applicant Score (AS)

All the courses we offer are listed in our handy course guide (Z-Card) under their study fields from A to Z. You can also find additional information in our Undergraduate Guide for prospective students. 




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