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Nelson Mandela University is the only university in the world that carries the name of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. The University embraces Nelson Mandela’s challenge to be “caring, responsible and innovative”, and recognises the importance of continuously growing and adapting in the pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning. We are committed to providing a welcoming and inspiring environment that is supportive, innovative, diverse and safe. Our students need to feel they are in a place of learning and discovery, founded on strong, values of equality that encourage them to express themselves, stretch themselves, and seek new solutions for a better world.

The university boasts more than a century of experience in quality higher education, research and technological innovation. We unite the best traditions of both the academic and technological worlds – from entrance level (certificates) through to research level (PhDs).

Nelson Mandela University offers both general and professionally oriented university programmes as well as technologically and career oriented programmes. The success of our career-focused programmes lies in the hands-on involvement of industry and business.

Undergraduate programmes include certificates, higher certificates, diplomas and first degrees, i.e. bachelor’s degrees. All diplomas and some degree programmes are career-focused, while others are more general and allow students to tailor their interests, aptitudes and career plans.

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