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Kickstarting your university career. All the ‘lasts’ are almost behind you – assemblies, uniforms, break-time with friends, tearful goodbyes to teachers, and that final step through the school gates into your new life.

But as one-chapter finishes, another equally exciting one starts. There are quite a few ‘firsts’ which lie ahead for you – and we’re here to help make it as easy and successful as possible.

What to expect
One of the biggest challenges? Learning to work independently. University is different to school – there’s nobody looking over your shoulder to check that you’ve done your assignments!

  • take charge of your life – create (and stick to) a daily schedule
  • ask questions – if you don’t know the answer, someone else will
  • motivate others – a team spirit works wonders at university, as you’re all in the same boat
  • accept academic challenges – university teaching methods are different and you may take time to settle in
  • be patient – getting used to a new home (residence or off-campus) and fending for yourself takes time
  • learn to budget – both time and money!

We’ve got your back
Work and personal difficulties are quite normal, especially during first year.

Mandela University offers a supportive environment, giving you the opportunity to learn new skills, fully experience your chosen field of study, achieve personal growth and unleash your potential.

Check out our student support programmes and facilities – all designed to ease the transition from high school to university.

But first - orientation!
Your journey begins with the First Year Success@Mandela orientation programme.

  • designed around YOU
  • helps you adjust to campus life
  • series of academic, wellness, social, cultural and sports events
  • team-focused – meet loads of fellow students at numerous events
  • learn about resources on campus and how to find your way around
  • How2Buddy system – you’re assigned a trained senior student who’ll look after you every step of the way.

Student support resources
Please use our support resources and facilities – they’re geared to guide you during this exciting phase. From modern libraries to online networks, enrichment and remedial support programmes and student counselling services, we’ve got it covered.


If you haven’t struck up any new friendships at the orientations and meet-and-greet rendezvous, don’t sweat – there are plenty of opportunities to connect, socialise and make new friends with fellow students.

Mandela Uni has many associations, societies and clubs that host regular activities and events. Here, you’ll met people who share your interests.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Nelson Mandela University!


Posted on 04 August 2021 14:58:22

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