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Exam season can be a challenging journey but fear not – we’re here to guide you through effective preparation and stress management strategies to tackle your exams like a pro.
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It’s nearly here! Your Grade 12 final exams are around the corner. Whether you’re feeling nervous, excited, stressed or all three, it’s important that you give yourself enough time to study properly. Last-minute cramming will add to your anxiety and won’t get you the marks that you want. We’ve put together a study guide, to help you best prepare for your finals.

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You choose a university to get an excellent education but it’s also about so much more. It’s finding somewhere to have fun, make friends, develop skills, gain confidence and lay the foundation to realise your dreams.
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The excitement of applying to university can be dampened if your first study choice is unsuccessful. While no one likes feeling rejected, don’t despair! You have other options and, who knows, your second study choice may turn out to be the better option for you.
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