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The excitement of applying to university can be dampened if your first study choice is unsuccessful. While no one likes feeling rejected, don’t despair! You have other options and, who knows, your second study choice may turn out to be the better option for you.

For some perspective, did you know that Sean Connery (considered by many to be the best James Bond actor) wasn’t the director’s first choice to play the role?

While you deal with a whole range of emotions, it’s important to know that you aren’t alone in how you feel and it’s perfectly normal to be upset. Take some time to digest the information and let your feelings settle for a day before you take any action.

It may also put your mind at ease to know that you could do a year in a related degree and if you meet the criteria and spaces are still open, you may be able to transfer to your initial choice at the start of the next academic year. And you may even get credits for some of the modules you’ve completed in that first year. As each course is different, it is important to do your research first, before changing.

The importance of a second study choice

The possibility that your first study choice won’t be successful highlights the importance of including both a first and second study choice when you apply to university. Your first choice will be considered first, but if you do not meet the direct entry requirements, then your second choice will be considered if there is still space available in that programme and you meet the specific direct entry requirements.

Whenever you choose your second study option, it’s important to select a course that you are equally passionate about, as this is what you may end up studying at university.

Seeking guidance and support

If you want advice, you can speak to a school or career counsellor, life coach, or teacher who can help you select a programme that matches your abilities and career goals. Nelson Mandela University has student recruitment specialists who are available to help you understand the qualifications offered and put you in touch with people in your chosen fields. In addition, our Career Counselling Process is a one- or two-day process that is designed for individuals who need assistance with their career choice.

When your first study choice is unsuccessful it may feel like a setback but don’t despair. Keep a calm head, get advice from people you trust and make your Plan B your best plan.

Posted on 02 October 2023 11:57:58

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