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Your education is the most important reason to go to university, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study in a place that’s full of attractions, where you can enjoy your free time. 
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Do you remember the day you saw your child wearing their first school uniform, walking through the gates of their new school? That same young child is now a young adult and about to embark on the next big chapter of life: university.

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The Grade 12 class of 2020 was hailed for their adaptability and perseverance in the face of an unprecedented challenge that they – and the whole world – faced. But now, over 600 days since we first learned of the coronavirus, the Grade 12 class of 2021 is sitting for their final exams, having survived two years of Covid-19 disruptions. If we had to ascribe one word to these learners, it would be RESILIENT!

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You couldn’t choose a better place to study than at Nelson Mandela University’s George Campus, as it is one of the most scenically beautifully university campuses in the country.
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Great choice! Apart from the internationally-recognised courses we offer, Nelson Mandela University is uniquely located within walking distance of the sea.
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