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In an earlier blog we explored what is needed to set yourself up to make an informed decision, based on your personality and interests to ensure your success. Now, let us look at what comes next …

Chat to your teachers, counsellors, parents, or a guardian, who can help you to narrow down your choices as there are so many directions. They can help you select programmes that match your abilities and career goals. At Nelson Mandela University, our student recruitment specialists are also here to help! They can help you to understand the qualifications offered and put you in touch with people in your chosen fields to assist you to make an informed decision about your future studies. 



When you have a list of your abilities and interests and chatted to people you trust, you can research various career fields, which closely match what you are interested in. Then you can look for qualifications, in line with these and what they are about, taking into account the following:  

  • University, TVET or college?
  • Local, regional, or national?
  • Is it a higher certificate, diploma, or degree?
  • Years of study and delivery of studies (on campus or online or both).
  • Which school subject(s) do you need to be admitted?  
  • Do you meet the minimum Applicant Score (AS) and subject pass % requirements?
  • Are there any other requirements (portfolio/ interview/ performance/ fitness test)?

Find all the information that you need about Nelson Mandela University in our comprehensive UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE FOR 2024.



Have you ended up with a long list of interests, abilities, passions, and related study fields? No worries. Write down the POSITIVES and NEGATIVES for each of your options, which will help you to narrow down your choices and create a shortlist.

How will you know if it’s the right decision if you never make it?


It can be scary to make an important decision. We worry more about being wrong than we do about being right. But you’ve done your research, and no matter what happens, you’ve also done your best with the knowledge that you have. Being excited about your career choice means that you’ll be more motivated to work hard at university, so once you’ve decided, embrace the future with both hands. The good news is that, if you’re not happy with what you’ve chosen, it is possible to switch programmes. 

Whatever you decide, listen to your gut – that inner voice is powerful!

If you're interested in learning more about Nelson Mandela University, explore our website further to learn more about our institution. We offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and we're committed to helping our students succeed. Start your student journey with us by following our four-step application process.


Posted on 15 August 2023 11:33:35

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