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Thinking about the future right now and what it might hold can make anyone feel uneasy, especially if you’re in matric and ready to start your tertiary education journey.

The uncertainty is real and if you’re considering studying next year, you’re probably asking questions like ‘’what career path should I follow?’’, ‘’what should I study to fulfil my ambitions?’’ and ‘’what institution will give me the best shot at success?’’.

Our world may look a little different now, but even during these uncertain and disruptive times, one thing remains the same – education is an enabling and powerful tool for upliftment and change.

The pandemic has forced us to let go of the past, rethink our world and imagine new possibilities. The working roles of both now and the future require visionary thinking and next-generation solutions – skills that employers are demanding from graduates.

A tertiary education can equip you for a post-pandemic world, both personally and professionally. It empowers you with knowledge and sought-after skills, and in today’s highly competitive job market, this is gold. More than that, a university education will open your mind and give you a deeper understanding of a particular subject, cultivate curiosity and critical thinking, and give you an edge when applying for jobs.

Graduating with a qualification at a dynamic, multi-cultural, African university, will give you a well-rounded, quality tertiary education experience, shaping you for the world of tomorrow. Whether you dream to be a data scientist, teacher or ocean ecologist, an institution like Nelson Mandela University will transform your unique, visionary ideas through discovery, innovation and life-long learning experiences, taking your career to heights you could never have imagined and helping you change the world along the way. 

At Nelson Mandela University, we recognise your untapped potential and we’re here to show you how much further you can go. From certificates to diplomas to degrees and beyond, we offer quality and accredited qualifications that give you a brighter future and enable you to be a leader of tomorrow.

Begin your Nelson Mandela University journey today by applying to study before the late closing date of 30 September 2021!

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Posted on 14 September 2021 09:58:51

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